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Rec Rescheduling Procedures

Alliance Recreational Game Rescheduling Procedures:


·         Coach from the home team is responsible for rescheduling the game within a week after cancelled game.

·         Contact the club field scheduler and/or referee assignor to request availability of fields and times

·         Submit request to the opposing team’s coach with open dates and times

·         Once date and time are confirmed communicate to the field scheduler and/or referee assignor.

·         After confirmation from field scheduler and/or referee assignor is received, the Coach of each team should communicate to parents and players new date and time.


Clash Referee Assignor and Field Scheduler - Rodney Payne  678-425-8282

Director of Coaching - Bill McMullen 770-655-7532


Coaching Incentive Package

CLASH offers tools and incentives to those who coach. CLASH will be hosting coaching courses that offer GSSA certification. These courses will equip you with the information to begin coaching which in turn will allow the Club to offer quality coaching and a great soccer experience for our players, parents and coaches.  

Your incentives:

*       Clash is offering parents’ who coach reimbursement of their player’s registration fees (for player of team coached) after:

§         Completion of a GA State Soccer Assocation coaching course. 


§         All club equipment returned at the end of the soccer season.

*       GA State Coaching certification.

*       Free Coach Tee Shirt.

  Additional Reasons to Coach

  1. Quality time with your child
  2. Observing your child with his/her peers
  3. Exercise
  4. Relationship building with other parents 
  5. Setting an example by giving of yourself
  6. Confidence building:  Not only yours but also the children

Finally, from my many years of experience I can say that coaching is very rewarding. Seeing children succeed due to your influence is incentive enough.

Bill McMullen

Director of Coaching

Please contact Bill McMullen at 770-655-7532 for more information. 


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