Referee Assignments for the week:
Assignments will be posted here every week in the FALL.

CLASH Field Weather Hotline:
Referees, If you suspect bad weather, please call the field hotline before you head to the Soccer Complex:   770-387-5351


Want to be a Ref? 

If you would like to ref with CLASH, you have to be a certified referee.
Please sign up for a class at
Classes are constantly forming.

If you are currently certified and are looking for games to ref, CLASH would love to have you come ref in Cartersville.

If you have any questions, please contact our referee assignor 
(Rodney Payne) at 678-425-8282 or e-mail @


Once you are certified, you must have a uniform.  
Shirt – GOLD (yellow) is the first color you need, followed by Black, Red, then Blue. 
Shorts - BLACK --- no piping, minimal logos, and no stripes…
Socks – BLACK –three WHITE stripes.
Shoes – They do not have to be cleats. But, get them BLACK –minimal color ---solid BLACK

What games can a Beginner (Grade 9) Referee officiate?
A Grade 9 Referee is ONLY ALLOWED to be a Referee on Under-14 or lower Recreational games and to be an Assistant Referee on Under-14 or lower Recreational or Select (Athena, Challenge, or Classic) games.

This is not a recommendation, it is an absolute rule. Assignment of a Grade 9 Referee to officiate a match above the level that he or she is authorized to work may result in a successful protest of the outcome and disciplinary action against either the referee, the assignor, or both.
Register to become a Certified Beginner Referee (Grade 9) click here:
 What are the requirements to upgrade from Grade 9 (BLUE) to Grade 8 (BLACK)?
To upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade 8 you must complete a 9-hour course and pass a 100-question examination on the laws of the game with a score of 75.

Unless you are an experienced, adult player, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you referee as a Grade 9 Recreational Referee for at least one season before taking the upgrade course to Grade 8.
Register to upgrade to Grade 8 Referee CLICK HERE:


Assignment Procedure:
It's a three step process

  1. Every Sunday Night, please e-mail your availability to for the following weekend.  If you do not submit your availability, you will not receive games.  Please be as specific as you can as to when you can work.  But, also, please understand that the more you limit your availability, the less opportunity for you to work. 

If you have a " or e-mail address, then you may be blocked from receiving e-mails.  A lot of e-mails come out of the  e-mail and on ocassion...the outgoing e-mails get blocked as "spam" .  You may want to get a g-mail or yahoo e-mail account. 

  1. Games will be assigned by Wednesday of every week for the upcoming weekend.  Games are assigned one week at a time.  Assignments will be posted here.   This should lessen the number of e-mails being sent from the assignor.

The Referee Pool changes every week and the number of games and referee assignments changes from week to week.  Every effort will be made to distribute games equally.  However, more experienced referees will get the higher level games.  Referees, that are also players, will also be given priority for those weeks when they do not have games.

  1. Please confirm your assignments by return e-mail as soon as possible.  It will be each refs responsibility to e-mail the referee assignor to confirm the assignments.  The assignments will appear as a pdf file in the first box in the referee section. Click on the file, check your assignments, and then e-mail your confirmations and your turnbacks.  Sometimes life gets in the way of a good soccer game, it happens. If you do not confirm, your referee assignments will be reassigned.

Please understand that the first draft is only a draft.  There is never a schedule where every referee accepts every assignment.  Therefore, don't freak out when you don't get assignments.  But, if week after week go by and you aren't getting assignments, then speak up.  There are a lot of referees and sometimes referees get lost in the madness.


Referee Payments

Referees are paid on a specified pay scale.
For the current scale, please click here.
2009 Pay Scale

If you do not have ability to read pdf files, please click here:

All referees must complete a W-9 form before checks will be issued. 
Please send completed form to:

ATTN: Monica Laldin
P.O. Box 2018
Cartersville, GA 30120 

Click here for the W-9 Form.   W-9

Taxes will NOT be withheld. Referees are responsible for filing their own taxes.

Referee Certification Reimbursement Policy
(effective January 22, 2007)

A Referee will be reimbursed the cost of the referee certification class by the Cartersville Bartow County Youth Soccer Association.
For a referee to be eligible for reimbursement, he/she must meet all of the following requirements: 

Referee five (5) games during a Calendar Year
Must be a Bartow County Resident 

Reimbursement will be processed at the end of each season (Spring or Fall).   It shall be the responsibility of the Referee Assignor to initiate the request for payment.